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Hungry 4 Something New?

So, what would you like to hear about today? How about how to avoid the slush pile? No. Then how about how I made my first sale? Still not interested, eh. Oh, I know, this one will get your pulse revving: any one of a million other boring, pointless, self-aggrandizing subjects you couldn’t care less about.


Ya know, I just want to share some food with you. Right down the street, in thousands of locations around the world, and advertising non-stop everywhere, you have the burger joint. The food’s…okay. They give you a subpar burger, fries, and shake. All of the food is thrown at you to choke down as fast as you can so you don’t think about, well, that it’s just okay I guess. Yeah, it’s good tasting, but can you really remember one trip there from another? And you’re always hungry afterward.


On the other hand, you know this gem of a restaurant that no one else seems to have ever heard of, but my god, the few times you’ve eaten there, the meals have been memorable with friends, family, and some of the best, organic, real food you’ve ever tasted.


Entertainment, and in this particular case, books, are food for the spirit. When I wrote Something Eternal, I wrote remembering that above all else, I wanted to create art. I want to bring you a five-course meal you’ll share with family and friends. I want to serve you a meal you won’t soon forget. Sure, the burger joint gives you a bunch of stuff all at once, and it’s good when you’re in a pinch, but how good is the burger by itself, or the fries, or the shake? If the meal is presented one course at a time, you can be sure it was crafted with a pinch of pride and a dash of love before carefully rested upon your plate.


I hear so many people speed-reading through books, sometimes two or three books at the same time. Some of these books you can read the blurb, first page, and last page, jump thirty pages, and know everything that happens. I’m sorry, I didn’t design Something Eternal like that.


The plot to Something Eternal is layered, yet linear. The environments are vibrant and engaging. The characters interact with each other in complicated and sometimes contradictory ways. They love, hate, fear, desire, but most of all, they drive Something Eternal.



There’s room in the world for a large burger joint that fills your most immediate need. But there’s also room for a hidden gem you and yours feel right at home in every time you eat, and every time you eat there, you look forward to eating there again. 

Starting next week, I want to share some cool author interviews from a few wonderfully insightful book bloggers during my Something Eternal tour last month. 


I guarantee at least one of the following: a laugh, a sigh, a chuckle, a rubbing of your chin, an inhale and an exhale, lip biting, mouth covering, a shiver, a tingle, despair, delight, more questions, and finally...wait for it...more questions. 


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