"Why the Young adult genre is frustrating me!" Part Three

Who's Feeling Special?

1) "The ‘special’ main character that has a hidden talent that they are completely clueless about * I have read quite a few books where the MC has no idea that they are ‘special’ or of another kind or species, I mean they know that there is something odd going on, wouldn’t you stop and panic just a little bit and worry about why you’re different. Clueless! It seems to be something that is all too common and the main character is always shocked but adjusts seemingly well into their new role of whatever it is they are."

1A) This is an interesting point. Obviously, this is fiction, so a certain amount of reality can be glossed over. On one hand, you have YA books that focus on the internal struggle, yet, to keep the flow of certain YA genres, a writer has to downplay the new role with easy acceptance. 


I knew something odd was going on inside me, and for three years I ignored the symptoms that nearly killed me, stomach cancer. So, I think people do ignore, are in denial, willfully remain clueless, and will lie to themselves about a great many things.


I've always believed that a person would not change if they were suddenly gifted with powers or learned they were special. I think it comes down to nature v. nurture. A person, by a certain age, is who they'll probably be for the rest of their life...for the most part.


A shy person would not suddenly become bold, even with some sort of personal unveil that you and I might think is life changing. 


Several of my MC's in Something Eternal, don't adjust well to changes in their lives. Good things, I find, derail people faster than adversity.  Some people never adjust, but become self destructive instead, selfishly taking down as many people around them as they can in the process. 

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