"Why the Young adult genre is frustrating me!" Part Two

"All The World's A Stage."

1) "The ‘necessary’ heart-ache or heart-break * Why oh why do authors find it necessary to cause unnecessary drama when it comes to a romance? Why can’t a couple have a relatively ‘normal’ relationship without the hidden problems that always pop up that seem to be thrown in for the shock factor alone but doesn’t actually contribute to the storyline?"

1A) Love is war, and anyone who has loved, knows this. That's why those who turn love into "drama" for "unnecessary" reasons, obviously has never really loved with all the passion a romance demands of its subjects. 


Throughout history, empires have risen and then fallen for love's sake. Wars have been fought and plays written solely for love. Games are played through love. It is an accident and it is destiny. Songs, oh so many songs have been sung on account of love. But not just love, lust and romance are melded three into one. Tender feelings turn to deep hatred, jealousy, deceit, greed, and yes, even murder, before love's final act is done.


For a man's emotions are a mile long yet an inch deep, but a woman, you see, her emotions run an inch long, yet a mile deep. Therefore, who can claim love's holy ground?


So I ask you: what need does a writer have of pretending love when love in its truest form turns story into legend, myth into lore?


Of all things, the heart bounds with love discovered, craves love desired, and eventually, breaks, the scars of which, leaves the heart wanting and cold from love lost. Nevertheless, love hopes all things better. But is it better to love for the sake of having another's heart, or to have another's heart for the sake of loving?    



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