"Why the Young adult genre is frustrating me!"-Part One

Are You Getting The Best?

1)“…I tried to mix up my  reading after hitting a dreadful slump but I still went back to YA; which admittedly is my fave but I’d love to read something a little more fresh and unique…The past few books that I have read seemed to all blend into one another because they were all so similar.”


1A) Well, first off, something “fresh and unique” is the “kiss of death” for both established and debut authors. No one will touch “fresh and unique” to save their lives. They know that as long as people keep buying the same old thing, it’s better than taking a chance on something that could be great, but would take way too much time and money to build an audience.  

2) "The ‘dreaded’ love-triangle * I think this point would be at the top of almost everyone’s list, it has been done to death unfortunately, I’m not a huge hater of love triangles if it is done right but to be honest, they rarely are and someone is always bound to end up hurt (& then they end up with a series of their own!). It also always seems to be the girl who gets two guys, I read a heap of YA novels and I have never read about two girls wanting the same guy?"


2A) It’s formula time! T.V. has formulas. Movies have formulas. Books have formulas. The one thing all these formulas have in common, they’re as old as time itself. If a writer does not follow the formula, no one will even look at the material. Instead of entertaining you with the best story possible, you’re analyzed. YA books, in this sense, are given no more consideration than a box of cereal packaging on a shelf to attract your attention. Hey, who cares if the cereal tastes gross, you already bought the pretty package. Well, at least you can recycle that box. 

When I wrote Something Eternal, I wanted to keep the fun of pop-culture, yet give the book a classic, timeless feel. It's non-gender and non-racially skewed. There's a lot of surprising stuff that happens in Something Eternal. 


Now imagine this: I didn't have to resort to salacious controversy, tropes, or stereotypical cliche' characters and story lines. Nope! I just studied some of the greatest literary pieces, and along with my love general pop-culture, I wrote every word with an open heart and ponderous mind. I gave my characters the keys and I let them drive the story. I refuse to let a story drive my characters, because all stories become dust, but great characters become eternal.


I believe that if I put a famous name or book series over top Something Eternal, people would flock to the work as if fine art. However, the reality is, it will most likely remain in obscurity for two reasons: people can't sift through the clutter, and most people shy away from new things, unless someone they trust tells them "it's cool."

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